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Are sit-ups a pain in the neck for you?

Are you working on strengthening your core, but frustrated that you are not progressing with your program?

Core muscle strength is a kind of "buzz word". Basically, the core muscles are the foundation of all movement. It refers to the ability to stabilize the center of the body for posture and each and every function we perform. Abdominal muscles often come to mind when we think of the core but our neck, shoulder, diaphragm, hip and pelvic floor muscles are also included in this system. All these muscle groups must work together for good abdominal pressurization. When they are not working together, we can have all kinds of low back, neck or shoulder pain. It will even affect our digestion, bladder, hormone function and more.

We start to develop these muscles as a baby. Sometimes the process of neurological development (connecting the mind to the muscle) is interrupted due to little tensions and we develop compensatory patterns early on. Sometimes bad habits develop later in life. Either way, the result is that our muscles are working way harder than they need to or should be. The good news is: it's never to late to address these issues! These issues are addressed by treating the specific areas of fascial restriction. Consider coming in to have it checked out!

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